The Catholic Church: I’m fucking exhausted

Time and again on this blog I have railed, ranted & raved about the Catholic Church’s continuing and baffling desecration of children, its preference for its own dogma over life itself and its general mockery of humanity. Lately, still more revelations of child-rape by Catholic priests have surfaced, this time from Germany. These revelations of course come with the standard cover-up allegations, one instance involving Pope Ratzinger himself, back when he was an archbishop in Munich.

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I could go on. There’s plenty of material here. I could rant, rave, ream & rail; ironically pontificate & passionately excoriate; scream and cry and wail and bawl and jump up and down in a fit of righteous anger. But I won’t. Not today. I’m just fucking exhausted.

I can’t keep up any more. Every time I turn around there’s another filthy fucking priest with his cock out. Every time I open a newspage or blog the words “Catholic” and “abuse” are right there in the same sentence, frequently with “scandal” and “coverup” close behind them. The only thing that seems to change is the country whose children were and are still being afflicted with the spiritual cancer that is Catholic authority. Via Greta C and PZ I even find that there’s some mouth-breathing point-missing troglodyte named Andrew Brown actually attempting a defense of the decades of Vatican-enabled child rape, seemingly by saying “we’re not the only institution to employ thousands of child-rapists so stop picking on us.” I suppose it’s true what they say: there is nothing in this world so unconscionably horrible and unquestionably cruel – flat fucking wrong – that you couldn’t find one morally tainted fuckwit to defend it.

I could devote another long & angry blog post to this shit, but I won’t. Not when others say everything I want to say. Links to follow.

Greta C illuminates the point Andrew Brown misses – it’s not the scandal per se, it’s the Vatican’s response:

The Church knew about widespread reports of priests repeatedly molesting children… and instead of acting to protect the children, they acted to protect the priests, and themselves. Thus deliberately and knowingly putting more children in the way of known child rapists, solely for their pure self-interest.

Repeatedly. Time and time again. In every part of the world. As a cold-blooded matter of Church policy.

That is the scandal.


The pope’s entire career has the stench of evil about it.

I could not agree more. Ratzinger’s stench is palpable even if you excise the part where he was a Hitler Youth, for which he may not be entirely culpable (though it probably drove him straight to the Church; I hypothesise that being a Junior Nazi made him used to following orders from jumped-up little tyrants in shiny uniforms and quite probably instilled in him the desire to become a jumped-up little tyrant himself).

Apologist: “everyone else rapes children, Catholics aren’t that bad”
Greta C rips into a morally bankrupt apologist for child rape
So does PZ!
Ratzinger covers up abuse while archbishop in Munich
Excorcist: “Satan at work in the Vatican”
Christopher Hitchens tears Ratzinger a new one

I’m just tired. And I’m just waiting for the world to see that the Roman Emperor, despite his gilded finery, is wearing no clothes and probably never has been.

Ugh. What a ghastly mental image.


Catholic bishop asks parishioners to cover rape case costs

Wait … what?

Just when you thought the Papacy and its capos couldn’t get any more depraved:

BISHOP Denis Brennan is asking parishes in the Diocese of Ferns to help the church pay outstanding compensation and legal bills arising from clerical sex abuse cases. The bishop made his controversial appeal while addressing the AGM of the diocesan finance committee in the Riverside Park Hotel on Monday night.

Okay, sure. Why shouldn’t we help the richest religious organisation in the world pay to defend its own crimes of rape, negligence & culpability?

‘Funding sought is not about sharing the blame, it is about asking for help to fulfill a God-given responsibility.’

Nobody is looking to share the blame because the blame is all yours. Everybody is asking you people to fulfill your own “God-given” responsibility.

To say that ‘I did not cause the problem’ should not be the response of the Christian, he said.

Is it okay if the victims or their families say that?

It should be, he said: ‘I would like to help in the work of justice, healing, reconciliation, a safer environment for children in the future, proper financial stewardship and overall good economic health.’

No, you cassocked clown, that should be the response of the Vatican and the Vatican alone. It’s the Vatican who was aware of the abuse for decades, it’s the Vatican who spent those decades covering it up; therefore, it is the Vatican and the Vatican alone who should be responsible for justice, healing and reconciling, It is the Vatican who should work to ensure a safer environment for children (my version of a safer environment for children would be to remove them entirely from Catholic churches, but perhaps I’m overreaching).

Similarly, it is the Vatican who should pay every last god-damned penny to every last god-damned lawyer they’ve employed to mitigate the damage. For fifteen hundred years this church has been raking in gold tax-free and now, after decades of constant worldwide revelations of instituionalised child-rape and endless coverups, they have the nerve to cry poor. I’d laugh heartily if I wasn’t disgusted beyond words.

I simply do not understand. I need someone to help me understand. What kind of mentality is at work when the criminal asks its victims to pay for their defence? Is it some kind of “trickle down” effect of Papal infallibility? Is it just the stain of centuries of privilege taking forever to be rinsed out by reason? Do these cerebrally-stunted padres live in such stark isolation from reality that they have lost all sense of empathy? I suppose they do – the evidence keeps stacking up against them. From the Pope with his literally deadly stupidity about condoms to this bishop his hand out, the ranks of Catholicism seem to fairly bristle with a bizarre mashup of certainty, ignorance & entitlement unmatched by anything else I’ve seen (and that’s including neo-conservative Republicans in the US). When religious people accuse atheists of not having any moral compass, please point them to the Vatican and ask “how is their morality superior to mine?”

Appealing for parish donations, [Bishop Brennan] said: ‘I would be grateful for whatever ways you might be able to help me and the diocese to complete a road on which it has been necessary to travel, a road that will hopefully go beyond the requirements of justice and grow in terms of the reconciliation with which we are currently engaged and may be further permitted, or invited, in the future,’ he added.

Uh …

Bishop Brennan said the funding of claims associated with child abuse perpetrated by members of the clergy, continues to impact on the diocese financially.

That’s kind of the point of having to pay reparations, wouldn’t you think? If perpetrators get off scot-free or – lucky them – die before justice can reach them, making the employer who was an accomplice to their criminal behaviour responsible financially makes a lot of sense.

A total of 48 settlements, costing €8,120,7075, have been made to date. Of this amount, €2,138,692 was paid in legal fees.

There are 13 civil actions pending against the diocese with a potential cost of over € 2 million, based on previous pay-outs.

The diocese has also paid €2,121,478 in legal fees for its co-operation with the Bermingham and Ferns Inquiries into the handling of sex assault allegations. It later recovered €650,000 of that from the Government.

Wait. Why did the diocese get to claim some money back? Why does a culpable defendant who is ordered to pay reparations get to have anything? And what then prompts that defendant to ask for more money from the people his employer left to the mercies of rapists?

I don’t think I’ll ever understand the Catholic mindset, either from the point of view of an everyday Catholic who puts up with constant bullshit from their company or from a blinkered idiot of a middle- manager who doesn’t see anything wrong with asking victims to pay for their abusers’ lawyers. I think I need to talk to a few Catholics and see precisely why they still swear allegiance to this gang of corrupt old virgins.

[Tip o’ the mitre to the Paliban]

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Vatican Watch: pretend country opposes decriminalisation of homosexuality

From [Reuters]:

VATICAN CITY, Dec 2 (Reuters) – Gay rights groups and newspaper editorials on Tuesday condemned the Vatican for its decision to oppose a proposed U.N. resolution calling on governments worldwide to de-criminalise homosexuality.

The row erupted after the Vatican’s permanent observer to the United Nations told a French Catholic news agency the Holy See would oppose the resolution, which France is due to propose later this month on behalf of the 27-member European Union.

Archbishop Celestino Migliore said the Vatican opposed the resolution because it would “add new categories of those protected from discrimination” and could lead to reverse discrimination against traditional heterosexual marriage.

“If adopted, they would create new and implacable discriminations,” Migliore said. “For example, states which do not recognise same-sex unions as ‘matrimony’ will be pilloried and made an object of pressure,” Migliore said.

Migliore, you stupid little shit, it’s not about (ooh booga booga) gay marriage. People are being KILLED because they’re gay and being gay is against the law in some countries. Killed fucking dead. Because they’re gay. And you don’t seem to give a shit about putting a to stop that. Which doesn’t surprise me, considering that, when it comes to most of the rest of the developed world, including pretty much all of your European neighbours including the country that fucking well tolerates your presence in its capital, you are completely arse-backwards on basically every point relating to human sexual freedom. Sex before marriage? No, what if you liked it? You’d want to do it a lot but maybe not to conceive new Catholics, all fresh, branded with an Original Sin they had no fucking control over and ready to be “saved”. The simple act of contraception? Hell no, then there’d be no abortions to wring your hands over and no fresh marinated Catholic bums on pews (and what precise passage forbids contraception anway? Did the ol’ Jews know about the pill?). Homosexuality? Bah, give me strength. Sure, we don’t execute them anymore but it’s still wrong. And don’t even get us started on female priests. Well, look – considering you’re a pack of repressed virgins (except for the ones that rape children and are allowed to get away with it), I don’t think you’re any more qualified to hand out dictates about sexual behaviour than I am to hand out instructions on how to orbit the fucking Moon. If you don’t know how it works, if you haven’t had sufficient experience, don’t goddam well presume to hand out an instruction manual. I wouldn’t tell people how to “Shut The Fuck Up” unless I knew how to do it. Well … I’ve got a fair grasp on the theory, so shut the damn hell fuck up.

Does anyone take these Papist fuckers seriously anymore? If so, why? Exactly what function does the Papacy serve at the UN? Precisely what is accomplished by giving this pretend country/museum of iniquity and horror a vote equal to that of other nations who actually contain real people and not glorified statue-polishers? These Janitors for Jesus seem to do sweet fuck all except provide enough soundbites to show the world just exactly how out of step they are with evolved modern societies. There’s a reason Europe & the world shunned the Papacy and its Inquisitions & Dark Age in favour of democracy & knowledge and the Papists show this to us all at every opportunity with statements like those of Migliore. What, if anything, does the Vatican contribute to the UN except embarrassing anachronistic remarks? Who exactly does the Vatican represent? A billion Catholics? No! They’re all citizens of the other 190+whatever proper countries with seats at the UN.

Seriously, what it is going to take for the UN to realise that the Vatican should be seen and not freaking heard? It’s like the embarrassing great-uncle at Christmas time whose rude, racist, homophobic & generally offensive remarks everyone tolerates because he’s been around forever, has tons of cash & everyone knows he’s losing his mind. Everyone knows he won’t be around forever, including him, so everyone’s just holding their tongue until he pops his clogs. Noone really knows (or cares) how he fits into the family tree except for the oldest rellies, but they don’t like him either.

So, yes, SIGH, Mandy’s got another frickin Catholic hate-boner. Again, I must point out it’s not actual Catholics that inspire this rage. From any post on this blog marked “catholic” it should be pretty clear it’s the administration, the empire and its spokes-idiots that raise my bile. I know full-well that there are plenty of other religious organisations that deserve at least equal loathing & dark wizardry, but there really are none that compare to the Vatican – the 1500 year old Christian empire, constant enemy of knowledge, science and societal evolution, constant defender of gender/sexual inequality & child-rapists. No other religious organisation has been around for as long & has its own pretend country & corresponding seat at the fucking UN. For every Catholic city mission, nobly handing out blankets and feeding the homeless, there’s a statement from some senior manager, laying out the official policy that anyone who’s not a Catholic male is basically fucked. No other nation/empire has as lengthy or as reprehensible a history when it comes to human rights. Crusades, Inquisitions, Nazi appeasement, enabling child-rapists, lying about condoms & AIDS (condeming untold numbers to death), railing against masturbation, contraception AND abortion (effectively a three-pronged attack against sexual freedom of choice of any kind) and now, effectively condoning the executions of gays in tin-pot shitty little theocracies across the world.

Seriously, what the fuck is going to wake the UN up to this antiquated museum masquerading as a nation? Do they just keep them around to piss the Arabs off?

Bah, whatever, Merry fucking Christmas. Fuck the Pope and all his little wizards.

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US Court allows case against Vatican

*sailor-talk warning*



Hold the fuckers liable, make them accountable and make them PAY. A LOT. Not just money either, I want to see some people jailed. And perhaps [SOMETHING], very roughly, by a large, angry Aryan Brother. Or, poetically perhaps, shanked in the neck by some poor damaged junkie kid whose descent into the criminal underworld began at the hands of some cassocked nonce one night after vespers.

Excuse my French, but the only thing that fucks me off as much if not more than a rapist of children is someone convering up for a rapist of children.

From the Wall St Journal article:

A federal appeals court has permitted a lawsuit over alleged sexual abuse to proceed against the Vatican, creating potential liability for the seat of the Roman Catholic faith for the activities of Catholic clergy in the U.S.

Monday’s ruling, issued by the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, marks the first time a court at so high a level has recognized that the Vatican could be liable for the negligence in sexual-abuse cases brought in the U.S.

The ruling is seen as a breakthrough by those allegedly abused by priests. Investigators and grand juries have found several instances where the church failed to report alleged abusers and covered up alleged misdeeds to protect them.

Which is almost as bad as the abuse itself. If you personally know of a crime and neglect to report it, you become an accessory to that crime by allowing it to continue.

One of the central pieces of evidence in the case is a 1962 memo, issued by the Vatican and disclosed by reporters in 2003, which directs Catholic bishops to keep silent about claims of sex abuse. The document was approved by Pope John the 23rd.

Well now, if you know of a crime being committed but have been specifically ordered by your employers/superiors/robed & mitred capos not to report it, then they’re also accessories. Yes, also. No fucking way will “just following orders” get you out of this one. Didn’t work for the last crew of brainwashed, uniformed, ignorant fucks who took over the world, powered by mythology and brutality.

Okay, I rag on Catholicism more often than most people. I definitely have a chip on each shoulder about the organisation. But only because the Papacy goddam well deserves it. It’s not the regular everyday believers, the doctrines, the beliefs, the rituals – none of that shit matters. It’s the Vatican’s actions that define it and it’s their actions that fuck me off. Crusades, centuries of Jew-hatred, Nazi sympathy. Constant, deadly lies and anti-human rights bullshit about abortion, contraception, premarital sex. And it’s not just the child abuse – paedophiles are found in every scummy little corner of society. But the Papacy seems to have had a decades-old policy of denying, ignoring or flat-out enabling the sick bastards to continue with their depravity (and this organisation has the fucking nerve to oppose gay equality!).

The Vatican’s hundreds of years old, has a billion followers and claims to be the one true church of the ever-lovin Christ-child, son of the one true god. It claims to be the halfway house between horrid, yukky Earth and totally awesome, sparkly Heaven. It claims to represent the one true god’s all-loving persona…but the one thing that rankles me most: the Papacy’s wizards go on frequent rampages about abortion & contraception, all in the name of the little children, God’s dear children, those teeny lil’ everyday miracles with their big eyes and innocence and for the love of god won’t anyone think of the children!? Don’t abort that clump of cells, it has a soul (never mind that between a third and a half of all pregnancies spontaneously self-terminate, often before the woman even knows she’s pregnant – does that make God the world’s most voracious abortionist?)! Don’t use contraception, think of the soul you’re not creating when you waste your more-or-less-infinite sperm (never mind that gazillions of sperm are wasted with every attempt at conception anyway, with every single wet dream, with every sample given for medical reasons and by every man who doesn’t even ejaculate let alone conceive a child every single fucking day of his life, which is most of us)!

Well, OK Vatican, you claim you care about children, about new souls (I think you give more of a fuck about your membership drying up, but that’s another post). Why, then, have you put so much effort over the years into protecting members of your organisation who have abused & raped the trust, minds, bodies and hearts of countless innocent CHILDREN? If reports of that 1962 memo from Johnny are accurate, does that not just shoot down your pathetic soundbyte-ready hand-wringing every time someone mentions “family planning” or “safe sex” down in hypocritical flames? Every time I see one of your frocked spokestrolls on TV with his concerned, bulbous face spouting about abortion or frangers being evil, I shout at the TV, “what the FUCK are you FUCKING HYPOCRITES doing about your FUCKING PAEDOPHILE ARMY?”

Or do you people only care about God’s precious little children before they’re born?

I hope similar decisions happen the world over – I’d like to see truly massive lawsuits come from every corner of the globe and millions of subpoenas land on the Vatican’s gigantic fucking gold-encrusted doorstep. I can think of few better ways for the Papacy to go stone cold fucking broke than emptying its coffers & selling up all its zillions of acres of real estate settling with victims of the rapist priests they’ve been enabling for decades. I’d like to see irrelevant wastes of space like Ratzinger & Pell have no goddam choice but to take a vow of poverty. I’d like the Vatican’s secret libraries wide open to the public, so we can all see exactly what they’ve been hiding from the world for so long (like what they left out of the Bible – and why). I’d like to see the Vatican cease being its own pretend country, lose its UN seat (how the FUCK did that even happen at all?), start paying fucking taxes and become the world’s greatest museum – a monument to both artistic genius and extreme human greed, criminal hypocrisy and spiritual imperialism based on guilt & fear. Hell, I’d like to see the whole disgusting scam exposed for what it is and see a billion people freed.