Robert Green Ingersoll – Why He Is Totally Awesome

Found a nice article via Planet Atheism about infamous heretic Robert Green Ingersoll in the New York Times. It surprised me that RGI was asked by the Republican party to give lectures, given that the Repubs are now, basically, the united party of Jeebus.

I’ve been getting a Daily Dose of Ingersoll from the Cynical-C Blog for quite some time now and he’s pretty much my hero. Here’s a nice sample, and remember to go back to Cynical-C every day for more of Ingersoll’s eloquent & relentless heresy!

By putting intention behind what man called good, God was produced. By putting intention behind what man called bad, the Devil was created. Leave this “intention” out, and gods and devils fade away.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “The Great Infidels” (1881)