Google’s digital burqa

Well, this is interesting. It seems Google is censoring itself when it comes to religious search terms:

In the search field type “Christianity is” and you will see recommendations of “bullsh*t, not a religion, a lie, false, a cult, wrong, fake, dying, Jewish, and not a religion t-shirt.”

In the search field type “Hinduism is” and you will see recommendations of “monotheistic, false, polytheistic, the majority religion of, the oldest religion, not a religion, fake, most commonly found, characterized by, and wrong.”

In the search field type “Buddhism is” and you will see recommendations of “not a religion, wrong, not what you think, bullsh*t, polytheistic, a religion, false, based on what concepts, the best religion, and atheism.”

In the search field type “Judaism is” and you will see recommendations of “false, not a race, not a religion, a race, a religion of the book, not Jewish, a gutter religion, monotheistic, a cult, and a religion.”

Try typing “Atheism is” and you will see recommendations of “a religion, dead, not a religion, wrong, the new fundamentalism, growing, a non-prophet organization, so senseless, illogical, a religion supreme court.” Clearly they are not holding back on the Atheists.

Now, let’s try Islam. Type in “Islam is” and you will see…
Absolutely nothing. That’s correct. Google makes no recommendations based on searches of “Islam Is.”

Why is Google blocking search recommendations for “Islam is?”

Why indeed? Why do search terms pop up for every religion (and even for atheism) except for Islam, the second most popular and perhaps fastest-growing religion on Earth?

Quick easy answer: because people are fucking scared of Muslims.

Why? Because people have seen what some Muslims across the world get up to when confronted with even the softest criticism of Islam, the most playful satire or the mildest offense. People know that anyone who doesn’t bow or scrape or kowtow when talking about Islam may well be subject not just to death threats but actual attempts on their lives. People know full well when the “Religion of Peace” is mentioned, the subsequent words better be chosen carefully or some rage-addict is going to start stamping his feet, throwing a tantrum, burning an effigy and maybe planning to end someone’s life. Don’t raise your eyebrow – it happened a few years ago to Theo Van Gogh, who made a film critical of Islam with writer & parliamentarian Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who lives under constant protection. Van Gogh was found shot & stabbed to death with a further threat pinned to his chest with a knife. It happened just the other day to the Danish cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard, who drew Mohammed with a bomb in his turban and kicked off riots and protests and death threats across the globe. A crazed fanatic with an axe attacked Westergaard in his own home and the only thing that saved him (and his five-year-old granddaughter) was the fortified panic room he had installed … as a direct response to Islamic tantrums.

So, if I’m right, it’s really no surprise at all that the world’s most visible company wants to keep its buildings and employees in one piece – even they’re only facilitating other peoples’ criticism and not responsible for it. When adherents of the “Religion of Peace” will kill people because someone out there may not agree with their philosophy, self-preservation is paramount. If I’m wrong, well … hell, I’ll be glad to be wrong.

Tip of the tentacles to PZ Myers.



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