Ray Comfort is a fucking idiot

“Fucking” being the operative word in this case. That is, he reproduces, or can or will reproduce (oh god, I sincerely hope not) sexually. With another person.

However, he is under the following mistaken impression about Darwinian evolution (a mistaken impression about evolution? Ray? Say it aint so!):

Darwin theorized that mankind (both male and female) evolved alongside each other over millions of years, both reproducing after their own kind before the ability to physically have sex evolved. They did this through “asexuality” (“without sexual desire or activity or lacking any apparent sex or sex organs”). Each of them split in half (“Asexual organisms reproduce by fission (splitting in half).

Ray Comfort, you are a fucking, fucking, FUCKING idiot. At no point, ever in human history, or even pre-human history, have “we” (bipedal apes) reproduced via splitting in half. At no point, ever in Darwin’s history, did he “theorise” that humans ever could or ever did reproduce asexually. That is possibly the most unimaginably, mind-bogglingy brain-rapingly stupid thing you’ve ever written on your blog (which is really, really saying something).

OK then, I shall attempt to be charitable. If you’re not simply a fucking clueless idiot, then you’re one of the following: (a) laughably, pathetically ignorant, (b) in complete understanding of what you read but flat-out lying through your teeth about what evolutionary theory says, for some reason, (c) unable to read & comprehend words of your own language that are put in an easily decipherable order that clearly & unambiguously describes a concept or idea or (d) deliberately baiting atheists with what you know to be complete falsehoods in order to rile them up and expose to your loyal cadre of credulous Raytheists exactly how unpleasant atheists are, all of the time (not just when responding to such blatant falsehood). It could even be (e): you’re a cynical charlatan who takes great delight in simultaneously pissing off & misrepresenting atheists & scientists while taking the money of history’s easiest, softest, most stationary targets: hardcore evangelists who take the Bible literally.

If it’s simple ignorance or carelessness at the root of this ridiculous error, that could be excused – except that you frequently present yourself as some kind of authority or expert or, at the very least, a knowledgeable & educated layman in the areas of evolution and the development of life, all in order to lend credence and credibility to your supposed debunkings of it, which eliminates (a). Obviously you can read & write English and I’ve even seen you speak it on youtube while masturbating a banana, so (c) is out. Option (b) – you’re a bald-faced liar – is very likely, I think, as is (d) – you just like baiting atheists or just anybody who believes evolution is a well-supported theory backed by literally millions of pieces of evidence gathered over 150 years by humans (including so many transitional fossils that it would pretty much require a textbook to list and describe them all), but amassed over the past 3.7 billion years by the natural processes of our planet, with much still waiting to be discovered. Option (e) – that you’re a charlatan, ripping off credulous idiots in the full knowledge that what you’re peddling is bullshit – is very, very possible (because you wouldn’t be the first) but I don’t think it’s likely.

It’s hard to tell which of those it is. You appear earnest and stupid and ignorant enough to believe what you’re saying (which would require of even the most cynical of charlatans and gifted of actors a Herculean effort to either not burst out laughing at the idiocy of your statements and gullibility of your patsies or to simply not choke on the vomit that would arise in most rational people were they to attempt to portray your fantasies as truth) and you display a deep misunderstanding and dislike of people who aren’t religious, or who just understand what science is (which would explain why might enjoy baiting them with your fabrications and seemingly deliberate misunderstandings on a website called ‘atheist central’). Flat-out liar? Well, only if you know what you’re saying is bullshit – you don’t seem to know much at all that’s useful, which really just leaves my original position: that you’re a fucking idiot. Oh, and a charlatan – because you do take peoples’ money – the fact that you believe your own bullshit doesn’t change the fact that you are indeed a peddler of complete bullshit. And you’re an ignorant cretin – the evidence you seek is all around you, yet you refuse to read & understand it. So, I suppose you’re a mix of all of those … you’re a standard-issue creationist evolution-denier, ripping off the faithful and spreading ignorance, while simultaneously demonising anyone who disagrees with your narrow, literalist reading of the Bible, while at the same time completely misrepresenting the arguments and points of view of your opponents in order to argue against them (because I think we all know if you attacked the arguments of evolution as they actually are – and not how you see them – you’d fail dismally). So, you can add fucking liar to that list too.

A lot of the time, Australians are quite happy to claim New Zealanders as their own if they’re successful: Russell Crowe (though we’re happy to give him back after hearing his band) and Phar Lap the legendary racehorse are just two. In this case, I’m sure I speak for all of rational, unretarded Australia when I say “America, you can keep him.”

Found via Raytractors. Go there 🙂

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