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Of course Tony doesn’t care that he and his dream-team of much-loathed vandals almost certainly won’t be re-elected. He’s here to do a job – fulfill a wish-list given him by conservative radicals, making it easier for them to do business by relaxing or removing worker protections and any/all regulations that might delay or slightly reduce profit (not to mention make it criminally easy for the government to get into your personal space). Once he’s spent his three years slashing and burning the social safety nets that have been thorns in the sides of his masters since Whitlam (along with every other piece of post-Gough legislation designed to serve and protect normal people from the miscreant behaviour of state and business alike), he’ll co-author a self-serving memoir with some Murdoch fist-puppet and retire to obscurity on a healthy PM’s pension (and perhaps join the Tory speaker’s circuit and make awkward jokes to various assemblages of CEOs and smugly pale IPA list-makers), comfortable with the knowledge that he fulfilled the brief and did what he was damn well told. He wasn’t there to make friends, he was there to make waves for his bosses to surf on.

And then the incoming Labor government, even if it has both Houses in its pocket, will almost certainly not have the vertebrae to repeal, roll back or even renovate the authoritarian, anti-science, user-pays remnant of a nation they’ll inherit, much less undertake the radical redesign that it already needs after a scant 15 months of Tory clear-felling. As a party they’ve shown precious few signs of mounting actual, effective, opposition while in Opposition (they’ve left that job to The Greens & capricious independents, who they’re happy to throw under the bus when it suits them, even as said Greens, no longer a single-issue party [if they ever were] take seat after seat across the state polls at the expense of both old firms). It takes longer to create – or crucially, repair – than it does to destroy, and it’s difficult to see the next Labor government (esp. if it’s led by Shorten, which seems unlikely [#Plib4PM!]) having the guts or the inclination to fix the train wreck they’re going to step onto. Far easier to just take advantage of the new and extensive state powers set up by their predecessors (as did Obama, who expanded the Bush-enacted surveillance state and sent in the drones, among other things) and cosy up to the real power behind the throne in 2016, which will be an emboldened and enriched executive-class, and make all the right noises to keep the party faithful satisfied (i.e.: the opposite of whatever the Coalition says). And then the Coalition will get back in…

So don’t let’s continue to crow about “One Term Tony”, because in all probability that’s just the beginning.


Greta C nails Palin

Greta Christina at the Blowfish Blog, in her typical straight-shootin’ style, nails down exactly why Caribou Barbie (aka Sarah Palin) is unfit to be Vice President – concerns about her pregnant unwed teenage daughter aside.

I think her main, crucial point – apart from everything else that’s completely retarded about McCain’s VP pick – is this:

[The Vice President’s] most important job is to be President if the President dies.

I can not imagine anyone more unqualified to be holding the codes to a staggering arsenal of nuclear weapons in the event of a serious military emergency than Sarah Palin. Neither can Matt Damon (no link for you! Google it :)).

Yes, people, all jokes aside, McCain is old. He’s 72 and he might freaking well DIE and leave Palin in charge (nominally, anyway) of the most powerful military in the world (it’s hard to imagine someone less qualified than George to run the US military, but fuck me – McCain found a DOOZY!). This is a woman who believes she lives in the End Times and that Armageddon’s just around the corner and soon Jesus will arrive in his gleaming gold battle-mech and lay waste to the Hellish legions of orcs and trolls and whatever else she and her apocalyptic pastors can imagine. Does America want this lackwit staring down North Korea or reacting to a terrorist dirty bomb? Sheesh. I like America. I like the Americans I’ve met & spoken to & befriended. I KNOW that there are smart people there. But if you allow this woman access to the West Wing, well, that’s it. You’ll officially be the fucking stupidest fucking country on Earth and will reap the rewards. You think life sucks under Bush? Let Palin in the Whitehouse and you won’t have seen nothin’ yet.

Seriously. I’m worried about you guys. Please, this time, for the love of all that’s good and decent, just vote with your brains & not with that part of you that thinks “Oh, she’s nice, I’d have lunch with her.” That’s what got you eight years of George!

Hey, isn’t it interesting how noone’s talking about John McCain anymore? Talk about making yourself irrelevant.

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I am in love with Tina Fey. Even more than normal.

Not only is Tina Fey utterly gorgeous and funnier than taking a shower in clown blood, she’s also caring: she’s saved me the effort of expending any more energy talking about Sarah Palin. Observe.

Thanks Tina. See you in my dreams.


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