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Over at this post on Dangerous Intersection (where I’m known to lurk, occasionally leaping from dark corners to spew acid on passing lackwits and then devouring their liquidy flesh), a battle rageth with “Karl”, a commenter intent on proving that The Gays shouldn’t be allowed to get Gay-Married. He has his reasons. Most of them are to do with the fact that he’s a copy-pasting conservative Christian spambot who thinks and does what he’s told.

Anyway, as is my wont, I’ve been heckling him from the sidelines & challenging him to produce something, anything which makes banning gay marriage a reasonable choice. Of course, he has provided nothing but a vac-sealed package of Grade A bullshit. I’d call him Erik Brewer II but to the best of my recollection he’s not mentioned The Gay Agenda yet…

Part of my latest comment:

It would’ve been interesting seeing which side of the coin these Prop 8′ers would have been on during the Abolition/Suffrage debates…

“It’s tradition! We’ve always owned blacks/kept our women subservient/picked on gays, why should we set them free/let them vote/allow them equality? If we do that, society will crumble into chaos and anarchy with free negroes/chatty women/married gays dragging us into a bottomless pit of syncopated drumbeats/gossip magazines/interior design shows!”

The saga at DI will continue. Karl will respond. Hopefully. Firstly because I love seeing the other DI guys & gals lay into these hateful trolls and secondly because I have far from exhausted my Sarcasmo-Ray and I have no respect for those who have no respect for love, human rights or equality. And even less respect for those who attempt to justify their ingrained bigotry with transparently lame and ultimately fail-ridden attempts at reason and logic. And goddam do I love ripping into them. Even if it has no effect on their beliefs (I don’t expect it to), I enjoy ridiculing the ridiculous and laughing at the laughable. Hell, you come to a humanist/secular/atheist/liberal-ish blog like DI and start throwing around homophobia and trying to disguise it as carefully considered sociological and political positions, don’t expect a warm reception. Stalwart fundy Erik Brewer caught a facefull of strident atheist militancy, stormed off in a huff and hasn’t returned. Yet.

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Dangerous Intersection, indeed!

Erich Vieth over at Dangerous Intersection (the “DI” I don’t think are a pack of well-funded LIARS FOR JESUS), upon seeing a comment of mine aimed at a commenter of theirs in the comments of this post, kindly invited me to be a contributor.

I just published my first post over there – it’s a repost of my Ethics Gradient post “Why I am not an atheist” along with a small introduction.

I hope I can contribute in some small way to the continuing success & traffic of Dangerous Intersection. It’s one of the stops in my daily blog cruise and it’s quite an honour to be invited to contribute my, um, thoughts. I thank Erich for allowing me the opportunity and hope my future posts can justify his, um, faith in me …


PS: I’m dropping the “Mandrellian” tag at this blog but I’ll still be the sole contributor, unless I suddenly get swamped with traffic (lol?) at which point I’ll hire a helper monkey.

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