Atheist Bingo

Ok, forget it. It’s the end of arguing with naive theists who think they’ve got an original argument against atheism. Forget your own long-winded protestations and justifications and defences of reason and philosophisationing and forget the endless theological/secular humanist back-and-forth in blog/youtube/facebook comment threads.

Save this card and, during every argument you have with a theist, play yourself some Atheist Bingo! It pretty much covers every argument you’ll ever hear from an internet apologist (and quite a few you’ll hear from allegedly sophisticated theologians). Once you’ve filled in a line – or the whole thing if you’re after a Grand Slam – paste it as your response. No need to consult Hume or Spinoza or Dawkins or Harris or even gentle Dennet for godless inspiration or insight; just check the boxes.

Of course, there’s always the offline version: print a couple out if you’ll be spending the holidays with family members who don’t approve of your heathen ways and aren’t shy about telling you. What better way to show your weariness of the same old canards, strawmen & fallacies? Tick a box where and when appropriate and hold it in front of your face:

Good luck and God speed!

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