@corybernardi et al: the Christaliban and its hold on the PM #auspol

The same values that inspire Cory Bernardi (one-time author, quixotic ideologue bent on holding back a tide of windmills, occasional politician) to stand in front of other adults and issue incoherent untruths like “cultural Marxist relativism” in relation to a program to increase awareness of and tolerance toward lgbt kids are the same values that inspire others to literally beat those kids half to death in the street. Indeed, the very warped, ancient visions of lgbt kids that he draws on to publicly, vehemently and sub-literately oppose organisations like Safe Schools Coalition South Australia¬†are the very visions that led to the inception of Safe Schools to begin with. He might not personally want to go gay-bashing on a warm summer’s eve and – if I’m being charitable – he probably doesn’t want anybody to be bashed for any reason, but he shares with those who do an unshakeable revelation that lgbt people are broken, damaged, steeped in sin and in general not as worthy – not as human – as people like him.

That he’s unaware that he shares core values with thugs who assault and degrade others – and that behaviour and attitudes like his own necessitated the program he’s now attempting to shut down via a typically unbalanced LNP charade, called an “inquiry” – should be unsurprising. Bernardi is a committed Christaliban fundamentalist, and one of the hallmarks of fundamentalism is a complete lack of self-awareness and the inability to ever admit fault or error, even when presented with gigantic mountains of evidence to that effect, or to make adjustments in opinions when presented with unassailable facts that contradict them. Like any creationist, climate change denier or moon-hoax campaigner, he’s decided what the Truth is and will defend it, come what may and in whatever form.

Sadly, he’s not alone. Eric Abetz (aka He Who All Sketch Comedies Base Their Droning, Oblivious, Generic, Good Ol’ Days Politicians On) is just one of a cabal of right-fundamentalists with a serious rage-on for Teh Gays, and who have the ear – or perhaps just the short & curlies – of the Prime Minister. In the days of the Abbott regime, we knew to expect their kind of regressive, unthinking bigtory, Abbot himself being their self-declared captain. But with the rise of urbane, shiny-suited Mr Turnbull, a lot of people, while not expecting Mr Fraser, certainly (and not unreasonably) expected someone a little more culturally literate and not quite so, well, down the Abbott-hole. Again, sadly, even the purposely modest expectations of those of us happy to see Anyone-But-Tony in the Lodge were dashed, time and again, when Mal sided with the very same regressives, wowsers and assorted embarrassing arseclowns who’d characterised and defined the baffling, backwards bluster of days previous.

It makes you wonder: were we just wrong to expect any better? Were we sold a pup? Was Mal always going to backslide after the honeymoon, putting his proverbial boots back on the coffee table? Or is he actually possessed of decent, modern mores but either too focused on self-preservation to act upon them, perhaps being deep in the pocket of the happy-clapping homo-hating hall-monitors? Does he perhaps owe the likes of Bernardi and Abetz some love for their assistance in ridding him of a certain troublesome almost-priest? His public tolerance for the utterly unprofessional and embarrassing public vocal expungings of people like Corgi – up to and including this “inquiry” into Safe Schools (with no parallel inquiry into the unconstitutional and utterly inappropriate $200m School Chaplain program – an ideological wedge designed for indoctrination if ever there was) would appear to suggest a quid pro quo, but it’s difficult to tell.

So, yup, my 8-ball is on the fritz. Maybe Mal is as much a ‘phobe as the useless sacks of carbon that dot his benches (though he just doesn’t seem – frankly – fucking stupid enough to think that way). Maybe this all caught Mal by surprise and now he’s facing a political minefield with a political blindfold on. Maybe pollies like Corgi and Abetz are just the point of the spear, the shaft (heh!) being shady, moneyed interests with culture war (aka other people’s genital-related fun) on their minds. Maybe Mal is simply all a-dither and is contemplating his own doom, like – holy shit – *every single Prime Minister since the 2007 election* and is wholly focused on not being like them.

Maybe I’m being too charitable to him because I like the guy.
Not that there’s anything wrong with that *sheesh*