New Year #2015 detox? Save your money & don’t squirt coffee up your arse | .@ScienceBasedMed

My summary of this Science Based Medicine post: if you’re a generally healthy person, your body is already very good at what it does, which is removing nutrients from food & drink and removing garbage from the leftovers.

If you’ve been overdoing it through the party season, sure, give your rig a break and try replacing one of your daily servings of glazed ham & brandy sauce with a bowl of bran cereal and an apple. Don’t spooge cash on a box of mulch powder and nostrums that makes vague, scary, unsubstantiated and implausible claims or subject yourself to a series of coffee enemas.

People often castigate modern medicine for its profit motive – sure, doctors make money, but when was the last time you saw someone like Dr Oz or Dr Mercola or FoodBabe who *didn’t* have an online store full of magic fat-burning beans and GMO-free ghost-repellent de-ionising Himalayan salt lamps? These guys thrive on using the general ignorance of the public to make people think they’re sicker than they are, then selling them the latest untested, unproven thing to cure it, either directly or via lucrative affiliate programs with other retailers. If you thought showmen flogging miracle cures died out with the travelling carnival, that’s not true – they just went online.

And they want you to put coffee up your arse.


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