Sarkeesian, Lewis’ Law and The Streisand Effect #yesallwomen

Anita Sarkeesian, the woman behind the “Tropes Vs Women” series of videos, had her life threatened – not for the first time – by someone who disagreed with her analysis of sexist video game conventions (which are legion). Along with graphic rape and death threats (which I won’t link to), the stalker also posted her home address and that of her parents.

Lewis’ Law states that the comments on any article on feminism justify feminism. What happens every time Sarkeesian releases a new video in her series is 100% confirmation of that law.

Although I don’t agree entirely with all of her analyses, most of Sarkeesian’s observations about sexist tropes and lazy stereotyping in games are insightful and many match my own experience, having played games more or less non-stop for three decades. But apparently there are “men” out there who feel the correct response to a disagreement with a woman is to threaten her and family’s lives. These brave anonymous dudebros have apparently not heard of The Streisand Effect, in which your efforts to censor something on the internet only give it ALL THE CLICKS.


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