The Deficit Delusion #budget #auspol

It takes a special combination of delusion, wishful thinking and simple, perhaps willful ignorance of empirical facts to argue that this country was in a dire enough financial situation to warrant the kind of one-sided, upper-class savagery witnessed yesterday.

Post-GFC, we were one of the planet’s top performers, which was not only no mean feat at the time but something that any conservative would’ve thrown straight on their C.V. in 14-point bold. Far from acknowledging our good position and building on it, this administration has chosen instead to at best inflate, at worst cut from whole cloth an impending economic disaster and place the bulk of the responsibility of mitigating it on those least-equipped to do so.

The brutal cuts to support for pensioners, students, the unemployed, to health, education, to renewable energy and to foreign aid and simultaneous expansion of corporate welfare by rewarding & protecting polluters as well as spending further billions on summarily and indefinitely imprisoning people offshore in third-world conditions without charges, let alone trials, all goes far beyond the usual “politicians break promises” trope. There is something profoundly rotten, something festeringly inhumane at the core of current conservative politics; if the first eight months of the Coalition’s reign didn’t illustrate that then last night’s fiscal fistfuck certainly did.


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