Ruminations on the Great Barrier Reef, asylum seekers and sharks

This is a very odd country. In one corner we have a state government indiscriminately executing sharks on the off-chance that it might prevent the very off-chance that someone might get attacked, apparently in the name of tourism (maybe they’re planning a flake n’ chips festival). In the opposite corner, one of our greatest tourism drawcards, the Great Barrier Reef, is being sacrificed by our federal government – World Heritage listing, already threatened status and vital, unique ecology be damned – so a small group of obscenely wealthy sociopaths can generate a slightly larger profit for a small amount of time. At the top, the feds are so frightened of frightened people in leaky boats that they’ve sent our Navy up there to frighten them some more.

This is all costing lots of money so here’s my solution:

Move the Great Barrier Reef north of Darwin to keep all those scary boats full of scary brown poor people from being able to land in Australia. Move all the sharks to the water between us and the reef (better deterrent value than guard dogs, but slightly harder to train). Have the Navy depth-charge a couple of decent holes in the Reef to let smog-tankers through to that shiny new port in Queensland, then just guard the holes (instead of the whole ocean). Two birds, etc.

Come on, give it a chance – it can’t be any stupider than what’s already happening.


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