And the say rape culture is a feminist fabrication

My privileged white arse it is.

A UK site called solidgoldbomb dot com was until very recently selling t-shirts with the slogan “Keep Calm and Rape On” at their site and at Amazon.

Unsurprisingly, this engendered an almost immediate onslaught of negative criticism and they eventually shut down their FB page (but not before heavily moderating the comments they were receiving).

The company eventually posted a nonpology (here) stating that the offending slogan was generated by a computer program that “ran words from the dictionary.” Be that as it may (I’m being exceedingly generous here) but you’d think a human would be involved at some point of the approval/submission process – or does the program they speak of do everything including approve and submit designs to their website and to Amazon? Unlikely as that may be, that’s still exceedingly lazy (again, my generosity knows no bounds).

However this occurred – malicious algorithms or idiotic humans – the most disturbing thing about this is that significant numbers of people have bought them (I shall leave aside my commentary on the creative bankruptcy of randomly generating words to graft onto an already tired and threadbare meme).

For the record, I don’t buy that this was a “computer error” – at least, not the part where the design was approved and posted for sale. At best, this was (presumably) some lad having what he (hopefully, if foolishly) thought was a harmless lark. At worst, it was a cynical ploy for publicity (which has been successful – although you’ll notice I’ve not linked to the offending site, but to the “Destroy The Joint” facebook posts that brought it to my attention). Either way, it shows in stark relief that rape culture is an undeniable part of our culture at large and not a fabrication by the misandrist uber-femiNazi Bralek Vagylon conspiracy that seeks to neuter all us manly chaps by making us not make manly rape jokes.


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