Hide all Youtube comments!

Oh, glory. Oh, saints be praised. FINALLY! “Finally” for me, anyway – this thing’s been out for a little while.

If you’re a Firefox user who loathes Youtube comments with the burning passion of 400 billion suns because they hurt and offend your brain (and there’s a 97% chance that you are, because reading this post is probably not your first experience with the internet), get this addon: “Comment Snob“. It is, frankly, a flak jacket for the kind of stupidity and hatred (and attendant lack of communication skills) which not only dominate but define Youtube comments.

You can set it to hide Youtube comments that have, for example, all caps, no caps, too much punctuation!!!!1//??1!, excessive/total capitalisation or a preset number of spelling errors (all of which, let’s face it, make up the bulk of all Youtube comments). In the case of that rare beast – the Youtube idiot that can spell and locate their Shift key – you can set it to hide every single fracking comment on every video you watch (strongly recommended).

I’ve tried it a bit this morning – just on half a dozen or so randomly-selected videos – and I can tell you with great glee that just leaving it at the default settings (below) hides at least half the comments on a given video (you can very easily reveal them, though, so this might not be ideal as a parental lock for sailor-talk). All-caps rants, all lower-case/punctuation-free babbling, TXT SPK, random capitalisation, scattergun exclamation marks – all gone. It’s like a spring breeze blowing through an old barn after fifty years of having the doors nailed shut.


Free at last, free at last, free at last!

Seriously, it’s as if billions of voices spent a decade crying out in stupidity and were suddenly silenced.

If you didn’t already know about this addon, you’re welcome and happy ‘tubing. If you did, then why the frack didn’t you tell me about this before?

(Hey, can someone please make one of these for the entire internet?)

Chrome has one too.

Internet Explorer, maybe. I dunno. Why the hell would I even look? What is this, 1996?



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