That’s something

Aaron was sitting & watching silently when, suddenly … nothing happened! But it happened very suddenly indeed and this took Aaron completely by surprise. Then, to his further astonishment, nothing happened again. In fact, nothing kept happening so rapidly and with such force that Aaron was powerless to prevent it from continuing to happen indefinitely. After a very long time and in utter exasperation, Aaron decided that the best course of action started with a phrase along the lines of “if you can’t beat ’em…”, so he promptly happened, powerfully and unstoppably. Nothing was so surprised by Aaron’s sudden and repeated occurrence that it ceased to be nothing and became, for want of a better word, something. Something was now happening, which intrigued Aaron no end. He decided to continue to watch something happen until it either changed what it was doing (and became something else) or simply stopped, becoming nothing again.

But, thought Aaron, when it becomes nothing again, I’ll be ready for it.


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