Scam yourself a foldback clip from the office and keep those earbuds tidy in your pocket, knapsack or utility belt. Don’t give your hard-won dosh to Big Peripheral!


2 thoughts on “INVENTION THURSDAY!

  1. Or use one of the free twist-ties which you will get with many types of bag and with some groceries, which will be lighter and more compact and about as effective at keeping the cable from tangling with itself (i.e. not very).

  2. The weight difference between a clip and twist-tie would be negligible (even if I was able to actually notice it – if you could, then I'm impressed). My pack always has stuff in it like keys, bike tools, spare tube, phone etc so saving a gram or two by using a twist tie which would snap via metal fatigue after a week's use, and perhaps poke holes in my bag, would be a false economy.As for space, cable + clip doesn't occupy much more volume than cable alone. My pack has enough small pockets that this thing gets it own; I suppose you could always clip the thing to a shoulder strap if space was at a premium.The length and flatness of the clip's sides keep the cable lengths snug and slightly pressed together, which prevents tangles (I've been using this for a couple of months). Snugness all depends on cable length, how tight you wind it and on the clip size, but this method's the best I've found so far. I'd try a smaller clip if I could find a red one.Besides, twist-ties are feckin ugly.

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