Free Funk Friday Firteenf

Ok, sorry, it’s not funk. It’s utterly devoid of funk. I just want the cheap thrill of a quadruple alliteration!

In any event, my band From The Ashes is giving our album Incendiary away for free! It’s chock full of crunchy rock, pounding drums, awesome guitar melody and (hopefully, because they’re mine) solid vocals and somewhat decent lyrics (they’re on the site – you be the judge). It’s kind of a weaving journey through hard rock, synth pop, guitar prog and epic anthems with a solid blues bookend.

So, do your inner rock pig a favour and go here ( to stream some tracks and try it out (I’m using blogger on my phone – I don’t how to link with this app, sorry!). If you dig it, if you download it, do us a favour and tweet/share as you see fit. If you’d like an actual CD, leave some word salad here or at my twit feed (@hank_says) and we’ll talk.

Rock on


EDIT: found a PC, fixed shit, embedded player. Bang!


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