In which a comment is made at a website

Just so the creationist knows, I along with many other lurkers and occasional contributors visit this wall (and other comment threads) to see his predictable idiocy exposed, his arrogance writ large and his appalling, wilful ignorance of terms and concepts both simple and complex magnified by the contributions of educated and intelligent people; equally, those same contributions are enlightening and educational in their own right (if not to the creationist and his merry band of sectarian denialist cheerleaders). It’s one thing to learn and gain knowledge in the traditional classroom or lecture hall method or by simply reading a book; quite another to learn at the expense of a seemingly willing gimp, perfectly happy to be beaten and humiliated time and again as service to interested onlookers.

Mr Creationist, you provide a unique and invaluable service and I look forward to each and every pronouncement you make on the apparently imminent death (can something still be imminent if it’s been predicted several times a year out of the last 150?) of evolutionary theory, every branch of science it underpins and every other field of inquiry whose own evidence confirms it. Every time you click Submit, I have but to be patient and hey presto – someone inevitably and convincingly demolishes your paranoid, uneducated, histrionic ravings and I learn something interesting.

Thank you, Creationist, for your selfless yet baffling masochism.

This is slightly edited to make it fit pretty much anywhere – the original is here at the truly epic “Panda’s Thumb Bathroom Wall”, where all who are expelled from other threads for trollish behaviour shall have everlasting life.


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