Homophobia sinful, according to sub-branch of homophobic religion

The facebook page of Gay Marriage Rights in Australia posted today a link to a Star Observer article headlined “Homophobia a sin“.

I posted the following comment on GMRA’s thread:

Nice sentiment, but it’s on record that numerous rival sects (that share most of the same beliefs) think, based on basically the same scriptural sources, that it’s homosexuality that’s the “sin”. Honestly not sure how people are meant to choose between theologies, or how individual sects arrive at the conclusion that their particular message is the “right” one in the first place.

Or, hey, perhaps it’s the case that grown adults shouldn’t fucking need to be TOLD by some self-appointed moral authority to be fucking nice to other people, because this is the 21st fucking century, not the 16th.

And perhaps it’s the case that our most popular religions are themselves the source or inspiration for the vast majority of homophobia that permeates our society and that one or two churches splitting from the mainstream and saying “be nice to our LBGT brothers and sisters for Christ’s sake” is a pleasant but ultimately futile & meaningless gesture as it preaches to the converted. So to speak.

FFS pour me another pinot, it’s bloody cold in Melbourne today.

That was five minutes ago. I have my pinot and I’m happy and warm again.
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