A cartoony voice from the past

I humbly present a cartoon I drew in 2005 which clearly illustrates the pseudo-deist leanings I had at the time. I had been wavering between unconcerned atheism (apatheism!) and soft deism since 1991 when I was still at high school but really, in hindsight, I was more or less living as a person who had no belief in gods of any kind. Shortly after drawing this I received as a Christmas gift from my mother a certain book about religious delusion, written by a certain eloquent evolutionary biologist. Upon reading it I began to think (always the first nail in the coffin of religious ideas) and eventually crystallised my beliefs. I was an atheist and more or less had been for many years and didn’t really know it – mainly because I didn’t really know how to describe my thoughts on religion – again, mainly because I hadn’t thought about them. Nevertheless, enjoy.

Click to embiggen!
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