Short n’ sweet: Quote of the Week

[note: this will not become a regular feature as I’m far too scattered to do such things]

And now: the quote!
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Evil is a little man afraid for his job.

Roy Scheider, Blue Thunder

 Awesome. I nicked it from a speech Adam Savage (the Mythexploder) recently gave at Harvard.

I think this quote pretty much sums up every depostic/totalitarian/fascist regime & brutal theocracy in history; an endless series of small men with undeserved (often usurped) power & attendant enormous yet fragile egos; every last one of them cowering in abject terror of any opposition & brutalising anyone they even think might pose a problem to their position. Of course it applies to the present as well – Saudi Arabia, North Korea and the Vatican are all brilliant case studies in paranoid old men afraid of people who disagree with them.

Happy Wednesday.


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