"Your problem is with God, not me…"

A Dangerous Intersection post of mine (a duplicate of this one here) attracted, surprisingly for me, a quick splash of comments from users. One born-again young-earth creationist respondent, a Mr Brewer, after pasting the usual slabs of fundie garbage & evangelist catchphrases, decided it would be ok to label me “depraved” (precisely, that I had a depraved or useless mind) because I’m not down with Jesus (I was already familiar with Brewer’s work as we’d had a brief stoush in a post of Erich Vieth’s about sex education. A pet project for fundamentalist ignorance and arse-backwardness, their stance on sex-ed amounts to “don’t tell ’em how to do it safely, just tell ’em not to do it at all.” Right. Worked a treat for Bristol Palin). And, yes, being called “depraved” annoyed me somewhat, as my responses no doubt indicate. So I bit back a couple of times. Who is this guy to judge & insult me because I disagree with him? At least I was only trying to, respectfully but firmly, smack his arguments (such as they were) down without resorting to insulting the guy.

But, really, being insulted (someone who thinks the entire planet is younger than verbal communication, the discovery of agriculture and the domestication of animals, no less, thinks my mind is useless?) wasn’t the problem. I can cop an insult, and “depraved” is pretty mild. Even so, I called him on it and pointed out that it’s not how grownups talk to each other. I didn’t expect an apology – at best, a cessation of such ad hominems in further posts would have been perfectly acceptable. Anyway, instead of an “ok, fine” or even just ignoring it and moving on (which would have been fine), he did it again. But this time he offered a justification – that it’s God who thinks my mind is useless. My problem shouldn’t be with Brewer whipping insults around the place in place of actual arguments, it should be with God. “Hey, don’t blame me, talk to God about it! It’s not me who thinks you’re depraved, it’s God. I’m just passing on his message. You can choose not to be depraved by accepting Christ! Gee, I’m sorry if you took offence at being insulted but hey, again, take it up with the Lord. I just want to help you poor pitiful atheists find Jesus because I care about you!” (I paraphrase here, but that’s the thrust).

Interesting, Mr Brewer. Even though it’s you who thought it and typed it and clicked “post” (repeatedly), it’s not your fault. The depravity – the “useless minds” – of all atheists might not necessarily be what you yourself truly believe but because you think God thinks it, you have a duty to pass it on for our own sake because you care … which is about the most gutless, laughable, pathetic and classically fundamentalist piece of rank bullshit I’ve ever heard. It’s on a par with “the devil made me do it!” as a complete abdication of personal responsibility. It’s a classic passing of the buck to someone who is completely unaccountable (and, to throw in my extra tuppence, whose existence is so gargantuanically improbable that it’s more or less safe to say he’s non-existent, or at least completely uninterested). You might think it’s okay, as many fundies do, to just throw shit like that out there and absolve yourself of any responsibility by hiding behind your god’s apron. “It’s God’s word, talk to him about it.” Or, in more accurate parlance, “Don’t blame me, blame my secret friend. He did it!”. Hey, it worked when you were six, why not keep it up?

I guess your average fundie clown would see this kind of thing as an epic win: you get to call the nasty old atheist whatever you want, be it “depraved”, “immoral”, “stained with sin” or whatever else you want to paste in the comments box from your weekly, talking-point filled email from Answers In Genesis or Ray “Watch Me Wank This Banana” Comfort or Ken “Not That Much Smarter Than A Leg Of” Ham. Then, if anyone gets shitty you can just say “Don’t blame me my friend, that’s just what God says.” Ha!

OK, I’m trying not to harp here. This isn’t a BAWW because some troll called me a name. Like I said, I’ve had worse. This is just a simple, honest Fuck You because the guy weaseled out of it by laying blame at the feet of his God who, conveniently, isn’t the kind who just answers you when you say “Oi, what’s this shit about me being depraved?” Shit, if you’re going to insult someone, have the balls to stand by it and accept whatever response you get and not refer me to your manager. Seriously, if you’re going to stand there, insult a person and say “oh no, it’s not me, it’s God” then you can go fuck yourself. Such blatant hypocrisy is a lot more insulting than an actual insult.

It’s really very amusing, and pitiful, in hindsight. Being accused of having a useless mind by a guy who is so mindless he won’t even take responsibilty for his own words & who believes the Earth is 6000 years old despite centuries of evidence (evidence – remember that?) to the contrary is probably the best & clearest example of fundamentalist hypocrisy I’ve ever seen. Sticks & stones, Mr Brewer. Hell, not even your words faze me that much. Actions, though, are something different. When you accuse me of having a useless, depraved mind, deny your own mind as the source of your words and then attribute responsibility for those words to the mind of your god (who’s conveniently unavailable for comment), you reveal yourself either as the worst kind of cowardly liar, eager to absolve yourself of responsibility for your own actions and pass it on to someone who’s completely unaccountable, as a rank hypocrite or merely as an intellectual zombie – an empty vessel for the thoughts and opinions of others, be they your god, pastor, community or whoever it was who originally put that idea in your head.

To me, a truly useless mind is one that can be used by others for their own purposes as easily as yours seems to be, Mr Brewer. The pity I now feel for your empty mind is far more than any annoyance I previously felt at being insulted. I can think of no worse fate than being a mere vehicle for someone else’s bigotry and ignorance. If I had a religious bone in my body, I’d pray for you.

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10 thoughts on “"Your problem is with God, not me…"

  1. Meh. I’m over it, “Anonymous” (though I think it’s pretty clear who you are – very poor form, showing up at a party without a name-tag).I’ve had my rant, got it out of my system and I have better things to do with my Sunday morning than continue a pointless flame-war. Like get over my hangover and hook into some nasty porn before my wife wakes up.As for posting “the real story”, the entire thread’s already up at Dangerous Intersection if people really give a shit but whatever, knock yourself out. You can post your autobiography here in the comments if you want – noone’ll read it but I don’t censor so it’ll be there for posterity. That or you could get your own blog. Then you could have the last word every single day.

  2. LOLTen points for taking me literally (not that surprising for a fundy) and not recognising sarcasm. Oh, and fifty points for bringing me a chuckle! Nothing funnier than pious moralising & pity, especially when it's misplaced.So, thanks, whoever you are, masked stranger. A great little laugh for my lazy sunday – beats the heck outa church. Now go hand out some pamphlets or make some teens promise not to have sex with each other (schyeah, good luck with that). Or you could just express your pity for some atheist bloggers – they love it when people do that!

  3. I am actually teaching on the subject of sexual immorality and the destruction that it brings. It would not be a bad idea for you to study up on the subject (from a Biblical perspective, as well as historical). As immorality increases society declines (what a coincidence, the Bible teaches that very thing). I know sarcasm when I see it. I also know how many men’s lives have been destroyed by porn.You see I counsel men who have basically destroyed their lives by buying into the lie that immorality is ok. Those who promote immorality want you to be like them but when your life falls apart, they just say, “oh well, that is just life”. I get to hold their hands and try to clean up the mess. I want to prevent it from happening (prevention is better than cure).

  4. I genuinely hope you do some people some good, “Anonymous”. I’ll hold my tongue about Biblical morality though.If you’re going to make daily visits, could you use a name? It’s a bit disrespectful making someone converse with a ghost, even if they do pretty much know who it is.

  5. I am so glad that the homosexuals are showing their true faces with all of the violent actions against people who do not agree with them. Wow, homosexuals are the poster-children for “tolerance”.

  6. Nameless Gutless Bastard said: “I am so glad that the homosexuals are showing their true faces with all of the violent actions against people who do not agree with them. Wow, homosexuals are the poster-children for “tolerance”.””Anonymous”, whoever the fuck you are, when making claims about anything, it’s the done thing to provide evidence to support them.Accordingly, when making inflammatory claims such as the ones alluded to in your comment, you should include every single source of information you can.So, if you have links to anything supporting this alleged violent acts carried out by gays, please post them or kindly fuck off.Thirdly, see the brand new post entitled “Comment Policy”. This is the last post I’ll accept written by anyone called Anonymous.Comment Policy: http://generalsystemsvehicle.blogspot.com/2008/11/comment-policy.html

  7. Perhaps I should've suggested in my comment policy that when people pick a name they stick to it, instead of using a different one every time, which is basically the same thing as hiding behind anonymity (a loose concept on the www) like a coward. The comments for this post that I've been receiving to moderate in my email lately have all been from different names (well, phrases to be exact) but, going by the "style", have all been from the same person. None have actually had a great deal of relevant content and a couple were transparent & pathetic attempts at "pushing my buttons", which were laughed at and dismissed.Anyway, in the interest of 'free speech' (as if that's a concept applicable to a privately-run blog anyway – as if the internet was a freaking democracy), comment moderation has been turned off, so post your little fundie brains out, Erik Brewer. However, I also turned off email notification for new comments, so don't expect instant responses. I have more interesting & entertaining things to do than tackle haters and their copy+pasted bullshit talking points.

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