RIP Richard Wright

Richard Wright, co-founder of the most awesome band ever, Pink Floyd, has died after a short scrap with cancer at 67 [Herald Sun]. Wright wrote and performed some of the Floyd’s most iconic songs, including Great Gig In The Sky and Us And Them from the greatest album ever written, 1973’s Dark Side Of The Moon, which still today tops “best album” lists all over the place, 35 years after its release.

Richard was the quiet achiever of the band. Of course Roger and David were the main contributors but without the elegance & texture of Richard’s playing & composition (just listen to the lush, gorgeous piano of Great Gig one more time), Pink Floyd’s sound would have been lacking an important dimension.

I think I shall watch Pink Floyd’s awesome, groundbreaking 1994 Pulse DVD (both discs) when I get home tonight, and really concentrate on Richard’s awesomeness.

RIP Richard.


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