Back. Okay, so it was four weeks.

Bet you missed me.


Okay. For now, I think I’ve laid out a lot of my objections to religion in general and laid down some serious BAW about some specific instances of serious religidiocy. However, because of a case of religion fatigue (the idiots I write about are fucking exhausting in their retardedness) I’m going to post less about religion for now. The good news about that is that religious quarterwits are going to continue doing things to defy all logic, reason and human rights until I end up in a pine box, filthy ditch or at the bottom of a pile of zombies (and goddamit I’m gonna take a few with me), so there’s always going to be material. The bad news is that they’ll keep on doing it regardless of how much I bitch about it here. So I think I’ll be posting less in general and more generally. If that makes sense. Who cares if it doesn’t? Not me.


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