Shove your goddam non-pology, Ratzinger

I was gearing up with a typically acidic attack on Herr Ratzinger for his shallow, empty unapology to the victims of Catholic child-rape on July 19, but then I noticed Don Baker over at The Atheist Experience blog had stolen my exact thoughts, cleaned out the profanity, capital letters and exclamation marks and re-posted them in a fashion more eloquent and forceful than I could have mustered. Kudos, Don! Here’s a taste:

We’re sorry that the Pope just does’nt know what a proper apology looks like. An apology is a request for forgiveness for harm done. However, a proper apology requires that the person apologizing admit to the harm he has caused and display an understanding of the impact on the victim. A proper apology requires a demonstration of learning to show that the perpetrator has changed his ways and will avoid making the same mistake in the future. A proper apology means taking responsibility for one’s own actions. Such an apology is a sign of moral maturity and growth as a human being. The Pope’s July 19thapology” to victims of the Catholic church’s paedophilic predilections simply doesn’t measure up. We’re sorry that anyone thinks the Pope has offered a valid apology.


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