Cardinal Pell-end needs to go

Somehow, yet another protestation by a high-ranking Catholic that he wasn’t covering up yet another molestation case doesn’t quite ring true. This is truly getting beyond a joke. Someone, somehow, at some stage needs to be held accountable for something. Worldwide, these Catholic “leaders” bleat and they pontificate and they stand atop soap-boxes and decry all manner of sexual “perversion” from homosexuality to pornography to artisitic nudes to films like the supposedly anti-Vatican The Golden Compass; they discriminate against women priests, gay priests, gay marriage, gay adoption, gayness in general & the right to abortion; they pass public judgement on things they know nothing about like stem cell research & science & medicine in general; they claim the divine right to issue behavioural dictates on the entire world whether Catholic or not, yet they continue to blatantly ignore or deny or refuse to acknowledge or act against the enormous, white woolly mammoth of endemic moral corruption, sexual repression and paedophilia that stands in their own vestry and stares them in the face.

It is time for our government & the governments of the world to get serious with the Catholic church and prosecute their enrobed sex offenders – and their denialist enablers in the Papist heirarchy – as vigorously as they prosecute those who do perpetrate the same offenses in the real world.


2 thoughts on “Cardinal Pell-end needs to go

  1. Pell is a total nutter and is only doing damage to a church that already has a reputation of being greatly out of touch with the community. He’s a spoilt child who demands subservience (remember when he threatened politicians with excommunication if they supported stem cell research?) and while that is towing the Vatican line, it’s really the opposite message of what people want in a church leader. Tim Costello would be a much better representative.But yeah, in the end it’s just another nutty religion with nutty traditions using absolute nutters and tradition who mask horrible injustice while screaming for obedience though necessity at a time when it’s shown to be superfluous. The church is the architect of it’s own demise.

  2. Almost forgot about that! Pell’s laughable, self-caricaturing threats reeked of the kind of desperation that only a rat on a sinking ship can feel. Hell, it might not happen in his lifetime or in mine, but someday the Papacy will cease to be relevant to anyone and the Vatican capos know that. They also know people in reasonable countries like ours will be the first to eject them from their undeserved de facto public policy pulpits relegate them to private practice among the dwindling faithful. But hey, I’m sure they’ll always occupy significant regions of the third world. Can’t beat illiterate superstitious poor people as god-fodder.Grats by the way Kel – you’re my first word salad 🙂

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