Back from Darwin with a quick & lazy one…

Got back from Darwin yesterday at about 7am after a 4-hour flight and no sleep since the night before. I managed to then sleep from 8 to 11, then from 12 to 3, then 7 to 9pm. A good effort, I thought, until I then managed to score another 11 hours last night! Not bad, but I think I need more practice if I’m to compete with my dog, seen above attacking my sock shortly before sleeping through most of an Easter weekend.

Anyway, this is all I can manage before hitting the sack yet again. I need some decent rest as I’m not looking forward to going back to work-camp in the morning. Jeez, I miss Darwin already – the glorious tropical heat (but sans the oppressive humidity of the wet season), the proximity to enormous, dangerous reptiles, spectacular natural beauty, fascinating yet endangered 40,000 year-old indigenous culture (sorry creationists, that does say forty thousand) and the freshest seafood anywhere, the constant flights of F-18 Hornets from the nearby RAAF base (now playing host to some US F-16 Falcons too – air-nerd heaven!), the ability to wear thongs (flip-flops) all day, every day and everywhere except the casino (which I care nothing for anyway), the shiny sheen of sweat on the bronzed bodies of the many, many lightly-dressed & nationally varied young women on holidays (yes, including my wife, who’s still up there having a ball, confound her!) … hey – I suppose my new-found love for the capital of the Top End makes me a godless, immoral, Holocaust-causing Darwinist!


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