Heading for the Top End!

Yes, that’s right, it’s mid-year holiday time, so no new posts until about Sunday of this week. I’m heading to Darwin for a week of tropical bliss while my friends in Melbourne lay awake in the dark, icy mornings, trying to decide if their paycheque is actually worth leaving the bed and freezing their rectums off. Until then, I present a small sample of some stuff I cooked up & scanned a few years ago when I should have been studying. I may end up drawing some more Terry & Jed adventures – I might even clean up the ones I’ve got a little bit. But then they’d lose their street cred.
Or something.

If you have trouble reading it (I sure do on this shitty work monitor – 15 inches? 800×600? Hint: don’t work for a charity if you want good toys!), click it for a larger version.

Have a decent week, wherever you are and whatever you’re slacking off from.

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