Alien video guy Part 2 – turns out ET is Curious Yellow.

Our mate Jeff Peckman from a couple of posts ago, it turns out, is more than likely a time-wasting attention-seeker. Or, perhaps equally likely, deluded. Well, colour me Grey and remove my nostrils!

He showed his alleged alien video today, under much secrecy: no live transmissions, no recording allowed. The true believers, of course, lapped it up. Most other people seemed to remain unconvinced (Rocky Mountain News blog – Bill Scanlon reports) – rightly so in my not-exactly-humble opinion. I think quite a few people are justifiably suspicious any time anyone presents a short sequence of grainy footage as proof of anything. The fact only the people in the room at the presentation were allowed to see this particular two-minute clip speaks volumes to me. Peckman wants to establish an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission to prepare Colorado to deal with ETs, yet only shows his proof to a small roomfull and not the Oval Office (although, we don’t really need yet another war based on non-evidence, which is highly likely if this video gets shown in the Whitehouse). If this tape’s so important, why not shriek from the hills? Anyway, noone actually got a recording of this world-changing two-minute video, but here’s a hoaxy one which purports to mimic the action in Peckman’s:

Apparently the Peckman footage was captured in this way because the owner of the house has two daughters and was concerned about a serial peeping tom.

So, lil’ ET rocks up, has a squiz in some girl’s window, blinks, buggers off. An alien life form, with sufficient techonolgy to travel to our planet completely undetected from The Great Galactic Squid (hallowed be his beak) knows where in the universe, needs to get so close to a building to see what’s in it that he gets himself caught on a handicam setup by a paranoid father. Maybe the little bugger gets off on the danger! Maybe, amongst his kind, he’s a bit of a Lethal Weapon-style maverick, a loose phaser, a psychologically scarred veteran of the war with Proxima Centauri (& who still feels betrayed by Uncle Zlorg for sending him to that hell-hole), very likely to fly off the tractor-beam handle, constantly endandering his species’ covert anus-probing program here on Sol-Planet Three with his careless cocking about and intense interest in inter-species erotica.

So…humbug. Peckman’s following the UFO crank playbook. I was really hoping this was some kind of marketing campaign for a product or service that would turn out to be a real let-down (as so many things marketed in interesting ways turn out to be), but no. It wasn’t even that good. Just common/garden “I want to believe” bollocks.

Not that I’m a total nay-sayer on this topic though, or part of The Government Conspiracy To Hide The Aliens And Annoy UFO Nerds (or maybe that’s just what I’d want you to believe if I was!). The universe is 13.7 billion years old and unimaginably vast, with much, much more still be learned about its composition and nature so it’s not completely out of the question to think we’re not the only life in it. I mean, we evolved, so obviously the popular (usually religiously-inspired, in that charmingly naive “we’re god’s favourite pet” sort of way) idea that the universe is hostile to life is somewhat flawed. Life happened at this tiny corner of the universe, it’s been happening here for over four billion years and the entire universe is made of the same 130 or so elements and follows the same, um, universal rules, so why not anywhere else? Put into perspective, this part of the universe is no less hostile than any other. Hell, some parts of this very planet itself are extremely hostile to life, such as the near-lifeless deserts of the Sahara and Antarctica (yes, you can have a cold desert) and the boiling blackness of thermal vents in the ocean floor. That’s not to say that nothing lives in these environments (proof that life is as tenacious as it is varied) but most animals & plants cannot survive them and humans can only live in such places with major modifications to our living arrangements.

I’d love it if we were visited by space aliens from outer space, I really would, (unless they were the Giger variety, all hissing and acid-blooded and stomach-bursty – hell, even someone innocuous like ET would be a bust – I want Vulcans!). but two minutes of dark, grainy footage that could so easily have been thrown together by a university drama department or one kid with a camera isn’t going to convince me that we have been already. Especially, it seems somewhat clearer to me now, when it’s held back from public viewing in order to gain that all-important exclusive media deal from whatever corporate advertising-space outlet wants to scoop the others and wave their willies around for five seconds because of the extra couple of Nielsen points. I just would’ve thought that something this potentially Earth-shattering (possibly quite literally – we don’t know how many Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulators might be in the hands/claws/psychic maniple fields of the Freedom-Hating Alien Scum) would be above & beyond the normal, typically human crapulence of secrecy & media exclusivity.


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